How to do istikhara?

Istikhara” signifies to look for goodness from Allah (Exalted is He). Which means when one plans to complete an extraordinary errand they do istikhara before the assignment. The person who does the istikhara is as though they demand Allah Almighty that. O the Knower of Unseen (Exalted would he say he is) control me if this errand is better for me or not?

As per Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 21, Number 263:

Described Jabir canister ‘ Abdullah: The Prophet (Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasallam) used to show us the method for doing Istikhara. in all issues as he showed us the Suras of the Quran. He stated, “On the off chance that anybody of you considers carrying out any responsibility he should offer a two Rakat supplication other than the obligatory ones and state (after the petition):


Initially, ask Two Cycles (raka’) of custom Prayer (nafil). With the end goal in the first raka. After Surah Fatiha (Allhamd) discuss Surah al-Kafirun (Chapter 109) and in the second raka’. After Fatiha (Allhamd) present Surah al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112). Subsequent to completing petition present this (supplication/dua’): Dua in Arabic Text above.

TRANSLATION: “O Allah! I look for goodness from Your Knowledge and with Your Power (and Might). I look for quality, and I ask from You Your Great Blessings since You have the Power and I don’t have the power. You Know everything and I don’t have the foggiest idea.



Moreover, you know about the concealed. Gracious, Allah! In the event that in Your Knowledge this action  (which I mean to do) is better for my religion and confidence. for my life and end [death], for here [in this world] and the great beyond then make it bound for me and make it simple for me and after that include endowments [baraka’] in it. for me. O, Allah! In Your Knowledge whether this activity is awful for me.

Terrible for my religion and faith, for my life and end [death]. for here [in this world] and the great beyond then dismiss it from me and dismiss me from it and whatever is better for me. Appoint [destine] that for me and after that make me happy with it.”